Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coco Scene! Teen Idols fall... Miley... this week

INSERT DESCRIPTIONMiley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Lynn Spears. (Vanity Fair, Chris Pizzello/Associated Press, Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Okay... this has been the year of tween Idol break down... I am starting to think that a course on decision making needs to be added to every school curriculum! Or perhaps Disney needs to create a parenting course required for stage Moms and Dads?

First, we have the Naughty Vanessa Hudgens who made us ask, "What did teens do before there were cameras on cell phones?"

Then we have the Poster Child for Teen Pregnancy, Jamie Lynn Spears...expecting a girl, we hear... lovely.. continuing the heritage of Spears' girls.

This week it is Miley Cyrus who is at the head of the class... While doing a cover shoot with Annie Lebowitz for Vanity Fair... Miley was allowed to make a bad decision about appropriateness of a particular set of photo shots...Daddy and baby sister had left the set for another appointment and Miley, aka Hannah Montana, was left with her Grandmother and a teacher.

First, I say, "Fire the teacher." Clearly she has not successfully done her job.

As for the rest... shame on Vanity Fair and Annie Lebowitz... put a 15 year old girl in a compromising situation?! No - she is not old enough to have made a better decision... on her own.

I am sure Playboy and Hustler have positions available for people with your "special" talents, Annie. By the way, the topless picture of Miley was down right Ugly... people pay you for that Gothic-from the 80's horror film shots?! Yuck!

Miley should have known better -at 15 years old - what 15 year old does... no matter how famous?

Daddy and Mommy need to be there no matter how legitimate the situation may be. This is not a good omen of what will happen in 3 years when Miley is 18 years old and expected to make all of her own choices... as well as take the consequences.

Disney needs to take note... Nick as well... even if the studios are supporting train wreck tween stars... eventually... Parents will not trust the studios for decent, wholesome entertainment and make other choices for their children. Rein those star parents in and make them do their job!

On a better note, Britney will be back on TV reprising her role on How I met Your Mother... and not making headlines with her decision making skills... thank goodness for Daddy. Maybe she can actually make it back to reality... time will tell.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Coco Scene! Grey's Anatomy is Back!!!

Woo hooo.. reality tv marathon is over!!! Real television is returning...

I could not wait to watch last night's Grey's... Disappointed... didn't like Derek... McSteamy was pretty funny. But the most annoying thing I think was Meredith... did you see how horrible her skin looked? It was completely distracting!!!

Get thee to an esthetologist!!! Get a facial... They do have them in L.A. I've heard...

Although.. Rose's hair thing was rather noticeable.. I hear that Rogaine can do wonders for female baldness fortunately! Bless her rebound girl heart...


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coco Scene! Miley Cyrus inks a Montana of a book deal!

MileyandMandy show...

from TMZ.com

Well they must not be paying her by the word: Miley Cyrus just inked a deal to write her *choke, gag* memoirs – for what's being called a "seven-figure" deal.

15-year-old Miley will recount the portion of her life for which she has been a sentient human being for the Disney Book Group. MC says she hopes to "motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together." Yawn, but if those saucy snaps are any indication, Volume Two should be a hell of a lot hotter.

Miley made $18.5 million last year.

Unfortunately...my daughter will want to read this from cover to cover... worse... I know she and her friends will clammer to go to any book signing within a hundred miles of us...

Miley is adorable .... and Thank Gawd she is no Britney or Lilo...

Hmmm... insight on life from a 15 year old?.. charming...


Coco Scene! American Idol top 5 Results

Carly Smithson out...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coco Scene! AI, Angie baby, McDreamy... and all that Jazz..

Looking forward to hot.. hot.. Star Dad.. Patrick Dempsey.. aka, McDreamy... Joining us again on Thursday!!! At last! But... we are looking even more foward to Made of Honor (out May 2nd!).. Over an hour of Patrick Dempsey ...

Did you hear about what he did during the writers' strike?

from USA today
During his writers'-strike-induced hiatus from Grey's Anatomy, which returns with new episodes Thursday (ABC, 9 p.m. ET/PT), Patrick Dempsey whisked wife Jill away for a romantic Italian getaway. No kids. No cameras. And no reporters.

The couple, married since 1999, took in a fashion show in Milan; then, in Lake Como, they were among many marveling at the waterfront estate of that city's most famous resident: George Clooney.

He is so dreamy - even unscripted...

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On another note... yes ... rumor has it that Angie (baby and all) and Brad are planning a small intimate wedding this summer (Junish - we hear). The ceremony is supposedly non religious... and her father, Jon Voight (who Angie ex-communicated when he implicated that his daughter might be a little nuts..) is said to be walking her down the aisle... we will see... whatever the case... the couple is soo absolutely Louis Viutton Luggage in a third world country... pretentious playing Peace Corps..

Okay, Okay...American Idol does Andrew Lloyd Webber...

No I did not watch it in real time...after what they did to Michael Johns??? No way can deal with Seacrest and the sad choices that America makes... looked it over this morning on YouTube..

An evening of bad song choices... and surprises... this should have been "Theme Park Singer", David Archuleta's night... but it was absolutely Syesha's. Here is how it should have gone...

David Archuleta should have sung "That's all I Ask of You" or "Music of The Night" instead his performance was forgettable.

David Cook should have done Jesus Christ Superstar... whereas Carly should have done "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"...Jason Castro...should have been the one to do an accoustic guitar version of "Think of Me".

And Brooke...Why?! Why! Why didn't you do the song "I Don't Know How to Love Him"?!!! It would have been absolutely perfect for you???

It makes no sense to me... but then neither did casting Michael Johns away...

The night went as it did..Syesha won this round.. no question. I have always thought that Syesha was a bit of the New York school of Fame - ish.. so Broadway should work for her. The loser... David Archuleta.. he should have solidified his lead... at this point ... I think it is anybody's game.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Coco Scene! American Idol vs. Britain's Got Talent ... Could Andrew Johnston out sing David Archuleta?

Just a footnote to my last entry: Who is Andrew Johnston???

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I have had so many emails about who this child is...

His Story
Carlisle choirboy Andrew Johnston stunned judges on the first Britain’s Got Talent audition show when he performed the classical requiem Pie Jesu.

13 year-old hoodie-wearing Andrew, who is the head chorister at Carlisle Cathedral, was visibly shaking before he opened his mouth to sing. And just as Paul Potts had done the year before, he stunned the audience and judges alike with the powerful sound that came out.

After his rendition and a standing ovation, Amanda told the nervous lad she had been “mesmerised” by his performance. Piers agreed, adding he thought Andrew had “a very good chance” of winning the contest. And a near-tearful Simon advised, “Your confidence has been undermined. But I think you are better than you think you are”. Knowing the power of the Cowell opinion, he added for extra impact, “Hear it from me, you are good.”

The judges’ comments topped off a nerve-wracking day for the shy schoolboy who has had to stand up to local bullies since he first joined the choir at the age of six. He said, “Even my mates are always telling me to leave the singing. But I live on a council estate and I want to make something out of my life.”

Speaking after his successful audition at the Manchester Apollo, mum Morag told us, “This has been an expensive day for us, travelling down to the audition, but it’s so special for him - it’s something he will never forget.”

“Now we’ll go back on the train in luxury, and we’ll get him an Indian meal. It’s all he’s been talking about”.

“He does a paper round, but to say well done I’ll buy him the computer game he’s been saving up for. And he can put the money toward buying a cage for his hamster Chubby instead.”

“I’m so proud of him today. He has a brilliant voice. But no matter what he sounds like, he’s still just a young boy at heart.”

I see a movie in this story's future... don't you? But... we have to say Brilliant..wonderful..stunning...

After watching a few clips of Britain's Got Talent from last season.. I must say ... I am soo much more impressed with their winner.

Paul Potts:

And just think... American Idol only lost Kristie Lee Cook... the buzz is sooo gone.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coco Scene! You have got to see this... Andrew Johnston

No I did not watch American Idol...

But - I admit curiosity got the best of me...So, I turned to YouTube to feed my guilty pleasure.. I mean..I technically am not giving FOX additional ratings..

I loved David Cook's story. His terminally ill brother who went through so much to just see him perform.. Bless him. There is no question that he is the Idol most likely to make the money.. especially if he has a band to back him.

It is no wonder David Cook had tears in his eyes... Knowing the story ..

But - a story that got us even more... put me in tears... you have got to see:

It is so Josh Groban on Ally McBeal...
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coco Scene! Michael Johns leaves AI as America Got It Wrong!

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Michael Johns voted off?! Well, that is it for me and this American Idol season. This early? Disappointment is an understatement.. I suppose I have better things to do with my time than watch a bunch of wannabes that are "With -out" to quote Heath Ledger...David Cook is talented but not much to look at...could teeter on the Taylor Hicks fiasco. Who cares who wins now? It now seems clear why idol winners are finding themselves dropped from record labels.

I think it is pathetic that those like Syesha and Carly are still there considering their inability to produce a memorable performance....It would be one thing if Johns were voted off when there are only the top 3 or even 5 but at this point?! It is ridiculous... the things we allow ourselves to watch when there is a writers' strike...when is Grey's Anatomy starting?!!

Oh well we all vote with viewership and I will not be contributing to the rest of their season or their "AI Gives to Bono" fund...

I have eliminated it from my DVR... done... over..now .. let me add Grey's ... and hmmm...

Coco out -


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coco Scene! Top 5 songs for American Idol

'American Idol'

Yes... I watched American Idol...the word: "underwhelming".

You would think with this week's theme of "songs that inspire"- there would be equally inspiring performances.

But... for the exception of 2 performances ... the awesome performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Jason Castro.


Hands down the highlight of the evening!


..The borderline "well done" Angels...by David Archuleta..

The rest were at best "okay".

Disappointing... It was an odd evening when Simon seemed kinder that usual...David Cook looked surprisingly thinner with continued improvement on his hair... but handicapped by his Michael Jackson inspired white jacket (yuck!) and a less than stellar performance... Michael Johns looked very European chic with and unavoidable hotness and unfortunately a poor song choice... as for the rest... do we really care?

In a competition where song choice is incredibly important... I thought I would suggest a Top 5 list of songs that should have been considered by the 9 wannabe an Idols...as well as who would have been wise to sing them:


1. One name: Bob Dylan Knockin on Heaven's Door, Times Are A Changing, Like a Rolling Stone- Brooke White ( a quiet version of any of these would have been cool). Want something sweet and whimsical? Lovin' You, Minnie Ripperton.. but don't try to do her high note of "ahhh".. instead do a whispered "hmmm". You want inspiration? Try this:

In 1976, Riperton revealed t0 Flip Wilson, who was guest hosting for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, that she had undergone a mastectamy due to breast cancer. At the time of her diagnosis, Minnie found out that her cancer had already spread to the lymphatic system. Despite her grim prognosis, Minnie continued touring in 1977 and 1978, and became the national spokesperson for the American Cancer Society 1978-79 campaign.

Eventually the cancer took its toll, and by June 1979, Minnie was confined to bed. She entered Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California for the last time on July 10th. On Thursday July 12, 1979, Minnie Riperton died peacefully in her husband's arms. Her family inscribed her headstone with a lyric of her most famous song, "Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful. from Wikipedia

I doubt there would be a dry eye in the house given the quality of Brooke's voice.


2. Wake Up Everybody - by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes - Syesha should have been all over this song! Another option for her would be anything by Corrine Bailey Rae... Like a Star would have been a stunner... a memorable performance... something she has yet to do.

The image “http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/img/04-08/GLcooksmall.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

3. You Only Get What You Give- by The New Radicals - David Cook could have done an amazing version of this and nailed it. You want to rock?! Van Halen, Dreams... would have rocked the house!

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns (Pictured) Struggle on American Idol

4. Change the World by Eric Clapton - Michael Johns all the way. This would have won it for him. Now.. the big rock song... Aerosmith was not the choice... Pride from U2 would have been IT. Start soft almost acoustic and then build to the finish.

American Idol: Carly Smithson Shines (Fox)

5. Hero, Mariah Carey - Carly Smithson's name is all over this! It is a happy song that could have really showcased her voice! If she insisted on Queen - she should have sung You're My Best Friend.

Okay, I have not said anything about Kristy Lee Cook's options.. let me just add a bonus suggestion..one thought.. Barbara Mandrell once did a song called I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool.. I think Kristy could have brought down the house with that one.

My vote is still riding on Michael Johns to pull it off... but David Cook will do a Daughtry and be the most successful.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coco Scene! Top 5 TV Guilty Pleasures

With the writer's strike recently ended... I must admit... TV has been more about watching the life and times of Britney than actually stories..


We are glad to see Daddy's influence has been such a good thing for her!

The shows we have been presented have been an example of how the public enjoys a good trainwreck... this being said .. I must admit I am as sad as the rest in my TV choices..

My Top 5 Bad TV Can't live without Shows..


5. Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo)... the only one that resembles me or any of my circle is the single one.. Bethany.. maybe the Countess too..

It is hilarious to see these women consider themselves fabulous ... wealthy yes... Fabulous??? Come live in my world and then check yourself dear!

But it is far better than the Real Housewives of Orange County...

4. Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo)... the men are pathetic with wealth being their one redeeming quality... reduced to subsidized dating... Geez.. all makes for fun watching!

3. The Moment of Truth (Fox)... the beautiful women in the world are all not that incredibly stupid!... but it is so out there to watch the ones that are stupid enough to deconstruct their lives on that show ..only to walk away with nothing.


2. The Hills (MTV)... love this show... Hate Heidi ... have no respect for Audrina... tolerate LC ... love.. adore.. Whitney..

1. American Idol (FOX)... I am way too hooked... I am thinking Michael Johns The image “http://blog.nj.com/alltv/2008/04/large_idol9-johns.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

..look at him... hard not to think him

... yes David Cook

is talented but... could he make the cover of GQ?


Coco Scene! Oh Where do the Wife Swap moms come from!?

Coco follows several stories and series in the evenings. Some are very entertaining and others are, well, time killing guilty pleasures.

When the I want to see how life is on the other side of town, I tune into ABC's Wife Swap. Yes, most of the stories are so over the top on Wife Swap they sound like they can only be found in fiction or Britney Spears life.

A recent episode I recorded (who has time during the day or dinner time to watch TV!), had some anti-soccer mom (it's in the press release for the episode) named "Donna" who ran her own coffee shop/art gallery/club. Oh, and she also had six kids she raised part-time. What a case.

Basket case dad/artiste ran the household so "Donna" could fulfill her fantasies of being some sort of creative person when in fact she came off as just an angry old hag who should have been sterilized and left in another country entirely populated by mimes.

Donna's best line was at the end when her husband Milquetoast gently let her know the youngest kids liked playing soccer and he would like them to continue playing. "Donna's" response was a snappy and smug, "Great. You can take them".

I hope Donna's kids remember this. I know my kids would. Someday "Donna" will be in the hospital terminally ill from inhaling too many espresso grounds and listening to really bad poetry and unfortunately, no one will be there to see her. Her children will be too warped or off doing something equally creative and selfish (apples and the distance they fall, "Donna") or perhaps so bitter they may have better things to do.

Dear Donna... get used to the word..dysfunctional.. this will be the kinder.. gentler word your children will use in describing their childhood with you when they are sitting on the Oprah-esque show of the era as adults suffering from the woes of the life you never prepared them for!

Don't you love television?!