Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coco Scene! American Idol ...and other TV tidbits..

Let's see... In TV...

I have to admit, I am a complete addict of certain shows that do not have the passionate components of "most watched" dramedies on TV. I blame my loyalty to Masterpiece (Classic)Theater and Mystery! on my college seriousness... but who wants to discuss the bittersweetness of Cranford?!

We will dive into the blissfully non reality of fab TV...

First up..

Dancing with the Stars:

Congrats Kristi!!!

I didn't ... unlike the rest of America... really care for this season of Dancing with the Stars...the cast to me was a bit lackluster... Priscilla Presley was down right scary to look at .. bless her heart... but

Love Kristi Yamaguchi... she looks better after having 2 kids than she did when she was skating... you cannot help but respect that.

American Idol...

Yes, David C is more talented. Yes, David C has more charisma... especially now that he has dropped a little weight and gotten rid of the comb over look. However...

David C. made some awful song choices! I kept hoping he might try Nickelback (I Wanna Be a Rock Star) but it could have easily been unavailable to him... who knows..

Still - his performance was less than stellar.

David A - did really well with what he has got. Although... he should have reprised Angels at the piano. I think it may have been his best performance overall... when he really connected.

The bottom line is that David A had his game on.

We'll see who wins... what do I know?! I still think Michael Johns is better than both Davids.

Then there is....Grey's Anatomy.. of course!

Derek had sex with Rose... who seems very nice for a definite transitional person.. McDreamy recounts the incident to McSteamy and confides... "I thought about Meredith the whole time".. does that mean we forgive him? At least when Meredith went off the Vet (Chris O'Donnell), Derek was still married and trying to make it work?

Where is the adorable Vet now? Meredith needs a suitor to remind him that it doesn't go both ways..

another note... the whole Isiah Washington thing is "so whatever"... on Grey's they used the fired actor's picture and character's story line ... Dr. Burke found fame and fortune in leaving the hospital... blah..blah..blah.. Now, Washington is filing a grievance... blah blah blah... Shonda came up the character and story lines and it is just petty of him to have a fit...if he had just watched his words... we would have all been better off... now the whole F-bomb has caused 2 seperate unnecessary story lines about homosexuality in Grey's (the dying soldier and Dr. Hahn).

The kiss would have been a bigger deal if it would have involved characters we really care about..

Alex is crazy to take on crazy... no surprise... he likes the whole rescue thing if you remember the issues with Izzie.

Just waiting for Der and Mer reunion...


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coco Scene! Jessica Alba Weds!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jessica Alba, who is pregnant with her first child, married long time boyfriend Cash Warren on Monday, her publicist said.

Alba, 27, best-known for her roles in the TV drama "Dark Angel" and the movie "Fantastic Four," announced she was engaged last year. The baby is expected in the early summer of 2008.

Alba's publicist Brad Cafarelli gave no further details of the marriage on Tuesday.

Alba met Warren on the set of "Fantastic Four" in 2004 where he was a director's assistant. Warren has since moved into producing.

No illegitimate child, eh?

I suppose if you are going to be on Sesame Street and pregnant... marriage would be a good thing???


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brangelina - Twins!

Reportedly, Jack Black has "outed" the Brangelina Brady Bunch revealing that indeed the beautiful couple is expecting twins.

Confirmation came later from the starlet..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coco Scene! American Idol... America has spoken.. Syesha says so long...

No big shock here... but I suspect that numbers were a bit too close for comfort for at least one of the Davids... Showdown next week... who knows the answer to the question: Who will be America's next Idol???... And actually succeed??.. is the better question...

See you Syesha.. good luck and good night. Good show girl!


Coco Scene! American Idol Top 3

Last night's Idol was full of surprising moments... most ... from what I have seen ... are pretty bad.. poor dears!

This was probably the worst moment of the Idol's Top 3 show:

Okay - let's just say it ... David Archuleta... what in the world were you thinking?!

David Cook did not fare too much better... some of the surprising comments that Simon made!... left me questioning what the usual tyrannical darling had been taking... clearly Simon was having a Prozac evening.

I never thought I would say this... but... contrary to Randy, Paula, and Simon said... I felt...Syesha was the best of the three... Stunned to say this.. mediocre Syesha stole the show?! Loved her hair by the way... too fab...

Paula especially was wrong in her thoughts... she is assuming that Syesha wants to be another contemporary Rhianna... I think she is selling herself more as New York... theater... Broadway.. If she gets another shot... she should try Brand New Heavies' Stay This Way.. She would get the "wow" she needs.

The consensus seems to be that Syesha leaves tonight.. but, with the lack luster performances of the Top 3... we could easily see a Michael Johns' moment...

I still think one of the Davids will be the winner... without stage daddy... Archuleta fumbled... Cook still having issues with song choice...

Things that make you go hmmm...


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Coco Scene! American Idol News... David Archuleta's Stage Daddy Banned!

Here is some interesting David Archuleta news:

TMZ has learned David Archuleta's dad, Jeff, has been officially banned from "American Idol."

Here's how it went down. "Idol" sources tell TMZ Jeff has been a complete pain in the ass, interfering with the entire production. He has badgered producers, the band, vocal coaches and even other contestants. The final straw came this week, when Jeff wanted to change the lyrics to David's first song, "Stand By Me." Jeff insisted on adding a verse from Sean Kingston's hit, "Beautiful Girls." Producers sent him an e-mail telling him the lyrics could not be changed. They were beyond pissed when David sang the song with Kingston's lyrics during the live show.

We're told by changing the lyrics, it created problems with the song's publisher and cost "A.I." a lot of money.

Jeff was ordered to sit with "A.I." lawyers on Wednesday, who told him he was "banned from being in the rooms where David was learning or rehearsing his songs." It's "Idol's" position, since David is 17, he does not need a guardian -- just a teacher. Jeff will be allowed to sit in the audience during the live show but he's 86'd from anything backstage.

Source say the other contestants were fed up with Jeff and didn't want him near them. Now they have their wish.

Our only question is ... without Daddy how will David Archuleta win Idol??? This looks like a check in David Cooks column!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Coco Scene! The Week In Review....

Wow! What a week for Entertainment... let's review shall we???

Mariah ... now we know why she set her mind to loose all that weight!

She had to get into her wedding dress! Mariah and Nick Cannon wed in the Bahamas.


Britney goes home to Kentwood, LA to celebrate her pregnant underage sister, Jamie Lynn Spears baby shower...

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

what a joyous occasion...

Now, we have the Tom Cruise on Oprah show... celebrating 25 years..

Okay.. has anyone noticed that he isn't a star material anymore?? Whatever poor Tom had with all his wierdness..scientology... "Cruise Control" of Katie ...etc..

He seems to have lost his star power..that certain something that can carry film..the last time I saw it was Jerry Maguire..

I am not saying he isn't a nice guy but... he just isn't someone I would lust after.

Now Patrick Dempsey on the other hand... has that it quality. He just needs the right vehicle ... Made of Honor was not it.. he was awesome... but the story was worthy of his... should we put it???..magnetism?

Now I have always loved Robert Downey Jr. - even his off the wall roles "Ian" in Wierd Science. But with all of his issues... talent without discipline = disaster...Downey did fumble .. alot. We are glad to see him back with Gwyneth in Iron Man! We will cross our fingers for Robert this time around!

Now, this is a really awesome, fun movie!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Coco Scene! American Idol Top 4 Elimination

Charming... cool... hot... amazing voice... once again... gone.

This is not good but we already know that talent is not the requirement for American Idol.. after all... Syesha is still there.

It will be one of the two Davids... the taste of America's audience is ... hmmm... how shall I put it... on the level of a G.E.D. from High School... clearly... Syesha is after all still there... Michael Johns, Jason Castro... are not.

So a David "Osmond" or a David "Pearl Jam"... hmmm.


Coco Scene! American Idol Top 4

American Idol... oh the Joys... the manipulation...

Syesha is the least talented but because of her "crying moment"... she will be the most likely not kicked off... which means Jason Castro... "the guy most likely to pick the wrong song but has incredible talent" will likely go home...

Who was the winner of the evening? David Archuleta...

David Cook.. for good or bad... had the performances most likely to forget of the evening...

Looks like David Archuleta is going to win it... but who knows.. it is like the Democratic Nomination... everyone has an opinion but no one has the definitive prediction.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Coco Scene! Greys, Movies, TGIF!!

Yes, I watched Grey's Anatomy...What has Kate Walsh done with her hair?! Fire that stylist - that must be same one that chose this hideous red carpet hairstyle... Kate, darling, go back to the red, silky hair.. the dark, goth layers do NOT work.

Truthfully, McDreamy is losing his touch ... although when Meredith and McDreamy shook hands after surgery my heart did skip a beat just a little.. looking forward to Mer-Der reunion on May 22nd.

The whole Dr. Hahn homosexuality is soo whatever... there must be someone for poor "straight" Dr. Torres... pleez

On a happier note... so many movies we are looking forward to this month:

First there is Made of Honor:

Plan to enjoy Patrick Dempsey without Shonda Rhimes writing him!

Sex and the City!!! May 30th:

We will be shocked if Carrie and Big actually marry... not just plan the wedding ...but make a real commitment! My guess is the only happily ever after will go to Charlotte...

Indiana Jones.. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! May 22nd:

Thank Gawd it is Friday! Hand me my Grey Goose Salty Dog ...


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coco Scene! America Idol top 5 minus 1

Bye... sweet Brooke.

Syesha next week?