Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coco Scene! No Captain Kirk for Damon

From the
"When asked if he had been approached to play Captain Kirk, Damon was quick to dismiss the speculation. "No, that was an Internet rumor," said Matt Damon However, that rumor had such traction, William Shatner was asked about his feelings on it, which gave Damon a boost. "I saw William Shatner commented on it which I thought was great. He said 'I think he would make a good Captain Kirk' which I thought was really cool." While Matt Damon may have wanted the role of Captain Kirk, and while William Shatner gave his endorsement to the Bourne Ultimatum star, it sounds like the production is headed in a different direction."

Pity... Matt Damon would have been a really sexy direction... Star Trek movie win for darling husbands and at least one shirtless scene of Matt Damon for us!

It's a shame...


Friday, July 20, 2007

Coco Scene! Isn't Life Posh?

Just a few notes from the recent Victoria Beckham Special... yes.. of course we watched! She is after all fab and outrageous.

How many times did she tell Becks "I love you"?!! Victoria, darling, appearing "desperate" is never stylish... every Coco Wife knows that "I love/adore you", is what your man should be saying to you...

When you are after all Posh and stylish - Becks should be the one making sure you aren't wandering..We didn't see a single bouquet of flowers or "I am thinking about you" gifts from said hubby. Poor Posh..

She looked adorable at the Luncheon with the Beverly Hills Socialites..

Wish we could say the same about the garish Socialites.. oh my,

Get thee to a make up counter at your local Neimans and fire that plastic surgeon... Pleez - fun need not be garish!

Posh's visit with Perez Hilton was we really believe that Tom Cruise hasn't tried to convert the Becks? Pleez...look at poor Katie. We didn't see Katie on the show because Tom forbade the BFF's hanging together on camera!

We were surprised that she did not look into schools for her darling boys! Every Coco Mom knows that schools worth applying to, will be... selective. Even if you are Beckham.

All in all - Posh was completely trying to be over the top..major... ratings darling, ratings!


Friday, July 6, 2007

Angelina's Tantrum over Jen - AGAIN

From Fox News:

According to Life & Style Weekly, the brunette beauty gave beau Brad Pitt's mom Jane the silent treatment after she left the Father’s Day party Angie organized to catch up with her former daughter in-law Jennifer Aniston.

“When Jane returned to the party, Angelina froze her out,” an inside source splurged to the magazine. “And after the party, Angie and Brad had a huge fight about Jen and how she’s still in Brad’s life."

But just as Jolie was recovering from her rage, Brad’s brother Doug apparently sent sparks soaring by referring to Jen as a “friend of Brad’s.”

Apparently, Angie was so upset that she warned Doug to keep quiet and told Jane that she felt she “deserved more respect." However, the sexy screen star pulled out one final scathing strategy.

“She told her (Jane Pitt), ‘If you continue to disrespect me and carry on like this, then you won’t see Shiloh.'" Ouch

Angie.. Angie... Angie... you may be the fantasy of many men... but rest assured.. you are no doubt, every mother's nightmare. Poor Brad.. he went from Class to Crazy... we must be more cautious in our choices....

Unfortunately, temper tantrums are not the only cause for embarrassment for Brangelina... their collaboration on the movie A Mighty Heart seems to have become A Mighty Flop...


Cruise control for Katie Holmes

Is Katie Holmes pregnant with Tom Cruise's child?

From Now Magazine:
Since marrying Scientologist Tom Cruise and becoming a mum, former Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes, 28, hasn't been sent any movie scripts that take her fancy.

So her 45-year-old husband's offering to produce her projects.

'Kate is a little disillusioned with acting at the moment, especially as she's taken to being a mother so wholeheartedly,' a source tells The Daily Express.

'She's not interested by many of the roles she is being offered so Tom has stepped in with some ideas of his own.'

The Mission Impossible star believes audiences will be wowed if the couple collaborate on-screen.

'He has one project he wants both of them to star in and another he will produce with Katie in the lead,' says the source.

'He wants to build a whole production company around her.'

No... absolutely no control issues here... can you say: Svengali?

The definition of Svengali?
The word "Svengali" has entered the language meaning a person who, with evil intent, manipulates another into doing what is desired.

What's this? Is Tom Cruise's pic in the definition???

Surprise, surprise...

Poor Katie, as if that haircut wasn't bad enough....