Thursday, July 17, 2008

J-LO No-No

J-Lo once again. please girl, don't do it. New pics of J-Lo in a bikini post baby. Hey from those of us who have "pro-created" , get used to it guys! This is what really happens to a woman's body! Especially after twins!

But hey, J-Lo is keeping it real!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brad and Angelina: Increase their carbon footprint by two - names!

Brad and Angelina Jolie (no, that's no mistake, Brado) raise global warming awareness by bringing two more consumers into the world.

This time its a matching set - sort of like the salt and pepper pair they received at the wedding they have not held yet....

A boy and girl join Angelina's ark.. Names please..

Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline - no word yet which is the boy's name and which is the girl's.. Must have been the French influence of the offspring's birth place. Giving birth in Africa is so... 2006 - (don't cry Bono. We will buy the new album. Promise).

That makes six kiddos in the Bradgelina Bunch. Only need Alice to fill things out, folks.

Bookmakers in London wagered names "Mandela and Mojo" were on the table for first dibs.. Pay up, lads.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brinkley Settles Divorce

Just announced this morning - Brinkley settles with Cook.

Cook gets 2.1 million but none of the Hampton properties he wanted.

Cook also gets some visitation rights with the children, Jack and Sailor.

Christy gets this winner out of her life. And the cleaning bill...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A-Rod, C-Rod, Madonna - who is the Coco Mom?

C-Rod gets mad at "alleged" relationship between soon-to-be-ex hubby A-Rod and Madonna.

C-Rod goes to Paris with daughter and godparents and goes shopping and spa-ing to the tune of 100K (of HER MONEY - SHE MARRIED THE GUY).

Madonna is 49, thinks she is 27, (look at those roots!), and spends her spare time trying to bag famous younger men... ("I am ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille!").

Quiz time.. Who is the Coco Mom?


Christy Brinkley - Coco Mom Wronged

Dear Christy,

You poor dear. You are so successful at nearly everything you do. Your career, clothing, fragrance line even your eyeglasses! Most of all, you are a super Coco Mom. Look at your adorable children. Despite being married to that overdominating Napoleon complexed "Billy" character, you still coined the ever perfect boy's name "Jack" for your son.

Your look, your sense of style, your All American freshness, you have no business having to deal with this divorce with this Peter Cook nonsense person!

OK. Christy, email me. My link is on the right. Move where I live. Buy the house next to mine. Enroll your children in my children's school. Buy a Cadillac Escalade and carpool with me. Join my club and I will introduce you to all my friends. We will find you a real man. The kind who goes to work, coaches the kid' s soccer teams, takes you out on Saturday nights and does not need your money.

Email me Christy, you don't need all this.