Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christy Brinkley - Coco Mom Wronged

Dear Christy,

You poor dear. You are so successful at nearly everything you do. Your career, clothing, fragrance line even your eyeglasses! Most of all, you are a super Coco Mom. Look at your adorable children. Despite being married to that overdominating Napoleon complexed "Billy" character, you still coined the ever perfect boy's name "Jack" for your son.

Your look, your sense of style, your All American freshness, you have no business having to deal with this divorce with this Peter Cook nonsense person!

OK. Christy, email me. My link is on the right. Move where I live. Buy the house next to mine. Enroll your children in my children's school. Buy a Cadillac Escalade and carpool with me. Join my club and I will introduce you to all my friends. We will find you a real man. The kind who goes to work, coaches the kid' s soccer teams, takes you out on Saturday nights and does not need your money.

Email me Christy, you don't need all this.