Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Katie's New Cut

... Darling Kate... do you really embrace looking as if you are in your 40's??? We know, you married a much more..well.. seasoned man.. but really ... there is no need to make dear Tom look as if he is your junior.

We love trying new looks ... but with the new cut and the goth makeup... dear Kate... you have gone from being an "it" girl to a girl who is painfully..without.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coco Scene! Kate Walsh's Emmy Look

Chris Carlson
Actress Kate Walsh, a star of an upcoming series "Private Practice," arrives for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Walsh will be a presenter during the show. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Okay, great dress. But....
What is with the hair?

Fire that stylist now!!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coco Scene! Barry Manilow's "View" of things...pathetic


From Rueters Life!:

Manilow was scheduled to appear on the ABC morning show Tuesday, the same day his new album, "The Greatest Songs of the Seventies" hits stores. But those plans fell through because of his issues with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, an abortion opponent and supporter of the Iraq war.

"I had made a request that I be interviewed by (co-hosts) Joy (Behar), Barbara (Walters) or Whoopi (Goldberg), but not Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Unfortunately, the show was not willing to accommodate this simple request so I bowed out," he said in a statement on his Web site (http://www.manilow.com).

"It's really too bad because I've always been a big supporter of the show, but I cannot compromise my beliefs."

In an earlier statement to the news Web site TMZ.com, which broke the news, Manilow said Hasselbeck was "dangerous" and "offensive."

But a source close to "The View" said "we canceled him," because producers refused to comply with Manilow's "completely disrespectful" demands.

Barry Manilow hasn't had a hit since before Generation X graduated from High School... Pleez. Dear Barry, you are an entertainer (in theory)- not a candidate for President.

We doubt there will be lost audience because of his refusal to be "compromise ". This will probably be the first time Dear Barry has cracked the entertainment news in 15 years without a payoff somewhere. Pathetic really... hmmm... maybe sad is the more operative word.

Poor aged 70's pop star... maybe Oprah will want him.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Coco Scene! Vanessa Hudgens does it AGAIN!

The image “http://www.mtv.com/shared/promoimages/news/h/hudgens_vanessa_070906/281x211.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

We thought that after the first round of nude, and other compromising pictures came out of Vanessa, it would stop there...clearly, Disney did not do it's background check very thoroughly.

A new round of less physically revealing but certainly more morally suggestive pictures have reared their ugly heads... this batch has dear Vanessa tongue to tongue with another girlfriend and in other suggestive poses with her chums... need we go on?

Miss Hudgens.... where is your mother?!!!! Or anyone for that matter who would be able to guide you in your decision making? Geez!

If you ever thought that poor, dear Vanessa and Zac were really an item... We think now it is clear ... that is not the case.

Our children love "Gabriella".. however, with Miss Hudgens lapses in judgement this early on in fame ... who needs another LiLo or Britt? Disney is sure failing in their choices for positive "girl" images.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Coco Scene! Britney Bombs

Britney Spears

As we watched dear Britney's ill fated Video Music Awards (MTV) opening act of "Gimme More", we felt plain sorry for the poor Mommy of 2 mistakes. Between her wig and her less than bikini ready body... we thought... "geez, her performance was like a really bad American Idol audition in the first round!"

Our opinion, which we will of course give whether you like it or not...
Britbrit needs to focus on becoming a real person instead of creating a "purpose in life to serve as a warning to others" (despair.com)

Maybe a ballad with more clothing... maybe she is just destined to never be Coco...
Poor thing.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Coco Scene! Halle Berry -BABY LOVE

Everyone knew that Halle Berry really wanted to experience motherhood.
Now-it appears she will have her chance... at age 41, she and her boyfriend of almost 2 years Gabriel Aubry, are expecting!
Oh, the excitement!

However, the conventional role of marriage to the baby daddy in this case seems to be "out". We love Halle!.... she is a lovely, lovely girl.. sadly, a bad personal decision maker (her unfortunate 2 failed marriages).
Miss Berry's star status may excuse creating a family without the benefit of marriage... in Hollywood. However, for we Coco Moms who live in the real world...we see that traditional relationships benefit the children most.

Think of the joys Matilda Rose - love child of Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger - will have... now that her parents, who met on the set of Brokeback Mountain....
conceived sweet Matilda ...
were engaged but never married...

have broken up.

It never ceases to amaze we, Coco Moms, who work so diligently for the success of our children ... how careless "artist" are when entering the realm of parenting. The poor darlings...


Coco Scene!!! Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens - Romance? We think not...

So... these two are reportedly an item??? How very convenient... High School Musical 2 premieres and the first photos of this hot romance appears.

We don't buy it. It is great for the darlings living for anything that is HMS... but there is no spark and way too much media implication.

It seems even more odd that the romance was underwraps soooo much that the paparazzi never even got wind of it... pleez...

Our guess is that the sweet children (Hudgens and Efron) are friends and being directed by a big studio to help increase visibility of this mega million machine called High School Musical.

.... Dear Miss Hudgens, however, needs to watch the image she is putting out... between the racy video of her first solo single (many Coco Moms complained) and now the nude photo... High School Musical 3 may just be about how "Troy Bolton" has to find a new girlfriend due to "Gabriella's" sudden departure...


Saturday, September 1, 2007

CocoScene! Kid Nation - What were they thinking?


Lord of the Flies is back! Welcome to Kid Nation! CocoScene is after all, celebrity news for moms. I am sure loads of mothers will be watching this gem from CBS!

CBS is taking a beating on this fall reality series about 40 real life children left in a desert ghost town with the job of creating their own society and government.

Apparently, safety was not a factor. Children suffered burns and at least four drank bleach by accident! And it gets better as children as young as 8 were required to clean outhouses, find food and allegedly left unsupervised for days at a time!

But don't worry! CBS (Children's Broadcast Service - don' think so!) had the children's best interest at heart!

In addition, CBS insisted in its statement that the show was "extraordinary" in its "behind-the-scenes support structure." That included "...an animal safety expert and a child psychologist, not to mention a roster of producers assigned to monitor the kids' behavior," the network said.

Well, it's good to know that an "animal safety expert" was on hand as well as the "roster of producers". We wonder what CBS describes as monitoring kids' bleach intake?

But... we admit... our darlings will very likely get to watch a little of this show... after all.. nothing is better than when you sweet children suddenly realize how lucky they are that you are their parent... and not some fame hungry, irresponsible "would be adult" who would sell their children off for their fifteen minutes media spotlight.

We remember from the movie years ago, Parenthood:

"You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car - hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they'll let any bu**-reaming a**h*l* be a father. "

We think this can apply to many that call themselves parents....

We know, not every Mom can be Coco....

Those poor darling children!!!


Monday, August 27, 2007

Coco Scene! Oh No Not Owen!!!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Oscar-nominated film star Owen Wilson, best known for movies such as "Wedding Crashers," has asked the media to allow him to "heal in private" following numerous reports that he was hospitalized over the weekend.

"I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time," Wilson said in a statement released to Reuters.

Various news reports surfaced late on Sunday that Wilson, 38, was in Cedars Sinai Medical Center in the Beverly Hills area, and some reports cited unnamed sources as saying he had tried to commit suicide.

But his spokeswoman, Ina Treciokas, declined to comment beyond Wilson's statement, and it was unclear exactly how or what the actor's problems were.

Fire and police officials confirmed they had responded to a "medical aid" situation at Wilson's home on Sunday, but declined further comment, citing confidentiality laws.

Hospital spokespersons also declined to comment.

We love Owen Wilson! A total sweet hottie. Our thoughts and prayers are with he and his family.



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coco Scene! High School Musical 2!

Forget about Oscar night or even the Superbowl...

Yes we know... completely geek ... but this will my children's first viewing party.

It seems to be the trend everywhere... the first big party of the year for every Coco Kid. Tween are gathering in well to do living rooms everywhere in their party best for pizza, drinks dessert and HMS 2.

The image “http://i.imdb.com/Photos/Ss/0810900/HSMb.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

High School Musical 2 premieres Friday at 7/8 p.m. on Disney Channel.

By the numbers

7 million

Number of High School Musical CDs sold

7.2 million

Number of DVDs sold

1.2 million

Number sold of High School Musical - The Novel, making it a New York Times bestseller

160 million

Estimated number of people worldwide who have seen the TV movie

Disney magic... and an opportunity for parents' date night!


Coco Scene! Matt Damon meets Arthur - very cute!

The image “http://i.imdb.com/Photos/Events/1444/MattDamon_Grani_491643_400.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

From Contactmusic.com:
Superstar MATT DAMON will make a guest appearance as himself on animated U.S. T.V. show ARTHUR in September (07). In the episode, The Bourne Identity actor stops by Elwood City and chats to Arthur and his friends after they send him a script of their experiences he thinks will make a good television show. Damon's cameo appearance doubles as a promotion for his Project Greenlight screenwriting community, which strives to break budding writers in Hollywood.

We love it! Our little darlings won't be watching this episode alone. It's so nice to see an "A" list star have time for a bit of PBS Kids too!

This absolutely multiplies his hotness level.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Coco Scene! Parenthood - Hollywood style....

Nicole Richie and chic maternity...

Nicole Richie is having a baby... let's see, after her DUI arrests, her issues with food and her lack of marriage... let's celebrate the fact that darling Nicole at least knows the baby daddy is Joel Madden and dresses fabulously well(we are not blind!).

We can only hope that she finds a good nanny to actually raise the poor "Baby Richie"... or will it be "Baby Madden" ??? One never knows...


Lack of marriage

Lack of faithfulness (we must remember this is dear Angie's second noted stealing of a committed man)
Even lack of love for your own "biological baby".....
is hardly in the way of successful parenting in Angelina Jolie's "how to be the ideal Mom" handbook.

We would mention Brad (Dear Angie's boy toy) but everyone knows he is simply a famous ornament .... unpaid nanny man... proof that being beautiful does not exclude you from being a doormat.

Oh the strangeness of it all... as we read all about the lovely families...we can only think one thing...time for a quick mani... and relieve the babysitter! We all have priorities darling.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coco Scene! No Captain Kirk for Damon


From the Actressarchives.com:
"When asked if he had been approached to play Captain Kirk, Damon was quick to dismiss the speculation. "No, that was an Internet rumor," said Matt Damon However, that rumor had such traction, William Shatner was asked about his feelings on it, which gave Damon a boost. "I saw William Shatner commented on it which I thought was great. He said 'I think he would make a good Captain Kirk' which I thought was really cool." While Matt Damon may have wanted the role of Captain Kirk, and while William Shatner gave his endorsement to the Bourne Ultimatum star, it sounds like the production is headed in a different direction."

Pity... Matt Damon would have been a really sexy direction... Star Trek movie win for darling husbands and at least one shirtless scene of Matt Damon for us!


It's a shame...


Friday, July 20, 2007

Coco Scene! Isn't Life Posh?

Just a few notes from the recent Victoria Beckham Special... yes.. of course we watched! She is after all fab and outrageous.

How many times did she tell Becks "I love you"?!! Victoria, darling, appearing "desperate" is never stylish... every Coco Wife knows that "I love/adore you", is what your man should be saying to you...

When you are after all Posh and stylish - Becks should be the one making sure you aren't wandering..We didn't see a single bouquet of flowers or "I am thinking about you" gifts from said hubby. Poor Posh..

She looked adorable at the Luncheon with the Beverly Hills Socialites..

Wish we could say the same about the garish Socialites.. oh my,

Get thee to a make up counter at your local Neimans and fire that plastic surgeon... Pleez - fun need not be garish!

Posh's visit with Perez Hilton was amusing...do we really believe that Tom Cruise hasn't tried to convert the Becks? Pleez...look at poor Katie. We didn't see Katie on the show because Tom forbade the BFF's hanging together on camera!

We were surprised that she did not look into schools for her darling boys! Every Coco Mom knows that schools worth applying to, will be... selective. Even if you are Beckham.

All in all - Posh was completely trying to be over the top..major... ratings darling, ratings!


Friday, July 6, 2007

Angelina's Tantrum over Jen - AGAIN


From Fox News:

According to Life & Style Weekly, the brunette beauty gave beau Brad Pitt's mom Jane the silent treatment after she left the Father’s Day party Angie organized to catch up with her former daughter in-law Jennifer Aniston.

“When Jane returned to the party, Angelina froze her out,” an inside source splurged to the magazine. “And after the party, Angie and Brad had a huge fight about Jen and how she’s still in Brad’s life."

But just as Jolie was recovering from her rage, Brad’s brother Doug apparently sent sparks soaring by referring to Jen as a “friend of Brad’s.”

Apparently, Angie was so upset that she warned Doug to keep quiet and told Jane that she felt she “deserved more respect." However, the sexy screen star pulled out one final scathing strategy.

“She told her (Jane Pitt), ‘If you continue to disrespect me and carry on like this, then you won’t see Shiloh.'" Ouch

Angie.. Angie... Angie... you may be the fantasy of many men... but rest assured.. you are no doubt, every mother's nightmare. Poor Brad.. he went from Class to Crazy... we must be more cautious in our choices....

Unfortunately, temper tantrums are not the only cause for embarrassment for Brangelina... their collaboration on the movie A Mighty Heart seems to have become A Mighty Flop...


Cruise control for Katie Holmes

Is Katie Holmes pregnant with Tom Cruise's child?

From Now Magazine:
Since marrying Scientologist Tom Cruise and becoming a mum, former Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes, 28, hasn't been sent any movie scripts that take her fancy.

So her 45-year-old husband's offering to produce her projects.

'Kate is a little disillusioned with acting at the moment, especially as she's taken to being a mother so wholeheartedly,' a source tells The Daily Express.

'She's not interested by many of the roles she is being offered so Tom has stepped in with some ideas of his own.'

The Mission Impossible star believes audiences will be wowed if the couple collaborate on-screen.

'He has one project he wants both of them to star in and another he will produce with Katie in the lead,' says the source.

'He wants to build a whole production company around her.'

No... absolutely no control issues here... can you say: Svengali?

The definition of Svengali?
The word "Svengali" has entered the language meaning a person who, with evil intent, manipulates another into doing what is desired.

What's this? Is Tom Cruise's pic in the definition???

Surprise, surprise...

Poor Katie, as if that haircut wasn't bad enough....


Thursday, June 28, 2007

OK - just a bit of Paris


We must admit - although we try to keep the celeb entries to actual celebs... now and then we do gauk at those thrust into fame for whatever reason and behave in such an ....outrageous fashion... we must comment... a bit like a passing a ten car pile up caused by cell phone use... so, yes, we watched Larry King other night. Besides, have you seen what is on TV lately???!!

Did we believe her? Does it really matter? Poor Paris - growing up is so hard... maybe one day the sweet girl will actually do it..hmmm.


Katie NOT Cute Cut

We meant to comment on this earlier - but not quite sure if it was the nausea of morning sickness or from the sight the "wanna be Posh" haircut that caused the delay.

Katie Homes New Bob Cut

Some changes can be good... Cameron, Paris, and even Jen looked adorable with bobs... but Katie... darling.. you just look like a boy.

Dear Kate - find your own look.. Posh may be stylish but it is her own slightly trampy look that works for her.. we suggest looking at some Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn pics to find inspiration!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Washington's conspiracy theory

T.R. Knight

From Eonline:

The truth, as Washington sees it, is that he was made the patsy and costar T.R. Knight should have been fired.

Washington claims that the much reported on-set argument between himself and costar Patrick Demsey that supposedly ended with Washington referring to Knight as a "faggot" was nothing more than "a lie."

"I feel all of this was about him getting a raise and getting his character to stop being perceived as a dopey, kooky kind of character," Washington says in an audio clip posted on the newspaper's Website. "He perceives himself as a leading man. That's why you could see the change this past season. That was his whole impetus behind this. And I was used and I was exploited...to raise T.R.'s profile. I may be wrong, but that's how I feel about it."

... Hmmm... honestly..., we have to agree with one point of poor cast-off Isaiah... no matter how many women on Grey's want him, Georgey is just not leading man material....geez we are talking about Georgey for G's sake! Brutally hot McDreamy he is not...Pleez - Georgey on a good day is just McSweet.

Patrick Dempsey

Scorching.....leading man!

The kids just need to learn how to get along... drama, drama, drama...


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cameron's Maoist Mistake

Cameron Diaz's fashion faux pas....

From Eonline:

The globe-trotting actress issued a statement of apology to the people of Peru Sunday after donning a kicky, though ill-advised, tote bag emblazoned with one of Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong's most infamous political slogans.

Unfortunately, Diaz didn't quite grasp what the red star and Chinese characters on her olive green bag signified, nor that Peru lost nearly 70,000 citizens in a Maoist insurgency throughout the '80s and '90s.


She should have stuck with Chanel...what does she expect???

It was made in China...



The Starter Wife- or What Desperate Housewives should be...

Have you seen the Starter Wife? It is a wickedly funny mini-summer series on USA network.

Based on the novel from the now separated Gigi Levangie Grazer (soon to be ex of famed producer Brian Grazer) .

Photo of "The Starter Wife",  Judy Davis, Miranda Otto, Debra Messing

This show is sexy, sassy, and oh so coco! Messing is at her best. Season finale on USA tonight, 9/8 central.

We are soooo addicted!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The View from Here

We haven't watched the show the View for a very long time... however, as we are feeling the effects of pregnancy, channel flipping from bed becomes addictive.

Since that Rosie thing was leaving, we thought, hmmm... why not.


What a horrible show...

First you have Joy Behar and Rosie ganging up on conservative Elisabeth with only the guest host, Sherri Shephard to try and deflect the ugliness. Rosie, of course, resorts to out right name calling (sooo uncoco) and it is just time to flip the channel.

We wait a few moments and flip back... that is when rudeness gets a whole new meaning in the form of the once cute, now skank, Alicia Silverstone.

Clearly, her mother never taught her manners. Her behavior towards the co host Elisabeth was, to say the least, appalling. She walked on to the stage and snubbed the conservative, pregnant, Elisabeth.

Did no one teach the once youthful Silverstone that when you enter someone's home you behave graciously as a guest and greet your host?!

Seeing Alicia Silverstone on the stage made it clear why she has hardly had a successful movie career in the recent decade. The girl should be years younger than most Coco Moms but has followed poor beauty advice. She looked absolutely awful! Silverstone, in all of her Stella McCartney looked as if she belonged in a dark dive bar where most women sport manly tattoos. Her hair stylist should be shot. A dermatologist should perform emergency care on that face. As for her teeth, her once adorable smile is in need of some serious cosmetic attention. Yuck! Sadly, Silverstone has entered Skank alley. All of her environmental convictions fell on deaf ears... because of the shock of her rude behavior and her damaged looks. Issues... issues.

We would post a picture of Ms. Silverstone but there isn't a recent one that would do her justice...

Well, again, until some normalcy visits the View... people that actually live in the real world, we actually liked Sherri Shepherd and can at least relate to conservative Elisabeth, we will be tuning out. For what that Rosie creature and Joy dish out we can turn to Oprah and Dr. Phil. We doubt we will give one cent to see that Silverstone Skank in any theater. No manners, no style, NO THANKS.


Enchanted with Patrick Dempsey


We know, we know... so much to talk about going on in the entertainment world ... but we have been far too ill thanks to impending baby to write a single word..

However, this morning ... We saw the best of both worlds come together in an impending movie!!

A Disney film called Enchanted - with Patrick Dempsey. Yum!

It is due for release on November 21rst. Check out this awesome trailer. A family film with the benefit of personal Coco Scene Mommy enjoyment!

See the trailer:


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ty Pennington DUI

The image “http://static.flickr.com/5/6531574_9ea591b9ac_m.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
From EOnline:
Cops pulled over Ty Pennington at about 12:15 a.m. Saturday, after which the hunky handyman registered a 0.14 percent blood-alcohol level, nearly twice the state legal limit. He was taken into custody and released at 2:50 a.m. after posting $5,000 bail.

"I made an error in judgment. We all make mistakes, however this is about accountability," he said in a statement Monday. "Under no circumstances should anyone consume alcohol while driving. I could have jeopardized the lives of others and I am grateful there was no accident or harm done to anyone. This was my wake-up call."

Okay, if Ty goes into rehab ... we are going to be ill. Everyone makes mistakes... fortunately, he was the only one hurt by this one... rehab is not the answer (do you hear us Paris, Lindsay, Britt?!) RESPONSIBILITY is!!!


Bye, Bye ... American Pie...Billy Ray Cyrus

We were happy he was able to stay as long as he did on Dancing with the Stars. His fan base is amazing. Bruno was rude and not in the "cool" Simon way. Maybe it's the British accent?

Whose next? Hmmm.. Ian Ziering or Laila Ali?... this next round will be tough to tell...


Oh the Drama -Not on Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Staff

What happened to Shonda Rhimes??? Last weeks Grey's Anatomy was...BORING.

Grey's Staff

McDreamy is being turned into a commitment phobic, typical guy. Georgey is the new romantic lead...
And the beginning of Private Practice was less than exciting.

We actually took a phone call during the show without fear of missing something good....deleted from Tivo before watching the program a 2nd time.

Losing Interest... quickly!

McDreamy being a jerk just doesn't do it for us... we have a feeling it will only get worse.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hugh Grant Arrested

Photo from TMZ.com

Sooo, once again Hugh is having a bit of trouble with the law. This time it is not for prostitution, this time it is simply for being a jerk.

According to TMZ:
The actor, according to British press reports, allegedly kicked Ian Whittaker three times as Whittaker attempted to photograph him near his west London home. Whittaker alleges Grant then picked up a large carton of baked beans and threw them at the lensman, leaving him "bruised" and "battered" and slathered in the sticky mess.

Whittaker also claims that Grant asked him whether he had kids, and when he answered in the affirmative, said, "I hope they die of f**king cancer." Grant denies having said that.

Police did not confirm that it was Grant, 46, that had been arrested, but did say that a 46-year-old man had been arrested and made bail, and that he would be returning to a police station next month.

There are no excuses for that kind of behavior. We always thought darling Hugh was simply adorable... now we just think his cuteness is quickly wearing off...


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alec and Kim...

BaldwinSpeaking out

Okay, we have avoided commenting on this particular topic... you know the one.. "rude, thoughtless, little pig".. yada, yada, yada..

Here is our take. Poor Ireland. She is in the middle of feuding, selfish parents. Think about when we were eleven... confused, awkward... the kid is in trouble at both ends. It is our belief that Alec is far from perfect... with anger allowed to get to this level... Kim is also on the far from perfect scale. She needs to be the grown up and resolve this. They were married and chose to have a child for goodness sake. Their darling girl is going to be completely messed up.

What he did is wrong... he needs serious counseling in communication. But, what he and Kim are doing TOGETHER... is far, far more damaging.

We wish them luck and the love for their daughter they need ... to make better decisions and come out of this mess.


Rosie is outta there!


We are starting to believe in the old saying that "good things come in three's".

1. Sanjaya leaves Idol.
2. Heather Mills is booted from Dancing with the Stars.

3. Now, Rosie O'Donnell is leaving the View!!! Her last show is expected in Mid-June. Who cares why! We are sure it is something... personal.. as it always is with her.

Life is only getting better...


Hooray! Heather Mills is cast out!

Dancing with the Stars

We do not understand why all we are hearing about is how popular so called "charity activist" Mills was... even when she had a decent score from the Judges, Mills still landed in the "Bottom 2". The reason why is obvious... no one liked her enough to vote for her! When we look at others who scored far lower with the Judges... like John Ratzenberger or Billy Ray Cyrus... it is clear that America has spoken... and we do not like Heather Mills.
Cherio.. Heather.. bless her gold digging heart.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dancing with the Stars... Hooray Heather is in bottom 2..

Although we sorry to see the Clyde Drexler go... we would have much rather see the "charity activist" Heather go bye,bye... we think perhaps it was to be expected eventually. Mr. Dexler seems to be charming and gracious man, absolute phenom in basketball, who worked very hard at his routines.... but never seemed comfortable on the dance floor.

Can we only hope that Heather Mills will make a speedy exit soon!

Clearly, the Judges are afraid to criticize her for anything ... they think it is not PC... they need to remember this is merely a publicity stunt for her... Mills is trying to add any positives she can in the U.S., since her own home country wants nothing to do with her!

Maybe she is less popular than she thought. If she doesn't score high on her routine... she doesn't have the fans calling in for her... Unlike the very popular Billy Ray Cyrus.

We think she needs to go...

We also think it will eventually come down to Joey Fatone and Apolo Anton Ohno...


American Idol does Country

American Idol: Top 7

Now... Melinda, where has she been hiding! What a great performance, lots of sass and style. She and Jordin are the contenders.

LaKisha, good but not great.

Blake ... well... not impressive.

Sings "A Broken Wing"

Jordin is still our pick for the one with that "it" factor. Her song made us tear up...

Phil was the surprise. He was awesome!

Sanjaya wasn't even entertaining. We don't hate him... we just don't think he is a talented singer... although his "Latin" performance was decent. It is time to go home, we think.

When Chris did his rendition of Rascal Flatts, Mayberry, it was preceded by an intro... where he said he was from Virginia. The Judges criticized him for not connecting with the song ...did they just use selective hearing?!!! The boy said he is from Virginia!!! We are sure his heart and mind are somewhere in Blacksburg. We felt for him so much! Good, bad, or ugly, it was clear where his thoughts were. We think he could have cared less about what Simon had to say...and certainly cannot fault his feelings. We hope Chris will be with us after tomorrow.

- Our prayers are with all those touched by the Virginia Tech Murders. We can only hope that the support from all of us can give you the strength you need to get through this...God bless and keep you.

As for the elimination... can we say Sanjaya? He so out classed by the rest.